My name is Allen.

I’m a kid with a keyboard and an MFA. I am a writer.

When I was younger I wanted to be everything. A novelist, a filmmaker, a voice actor, a paleontologist, an animator, a superhero. When I became a so-called adult, I realized this dream wasn’t feasible, but later I realized feasible is a stupid word for quitters.

What does this have to do with a blog? Nothing. It’s really just one of those vanity pages people write for themselves. Go read a post or something.

Here are a few zany facts about me:

My favorite movie is Jurassic Park. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it more than 200 times in my life. I stopped counting in the mid 100’s when I was in High School, so it’s anyone’s guess now.

My favorite video game is Sonic 2 with a side of Cheetos and a Yoohoo in a glass bottle to drink. I’d take a can if push came to shove.

My favorite cartoon is Recess. I’m still looking for people to join my kickball team.

If you reached the end, then here’s a secret just for you: those facts weren’t zany. I’ve cheated you all.


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