Jonah and the Typewriter: Chapter 1

jonahandthetypewriterI present the first chapter from my novel, for your consideration. For those wondering, it is a young adult fantasy novel set in a fictionalized Oklahoma. I am still seeking an agent, but that process is half the fun, isn’t it? Let me know what you think in the comments.


Home Ahead, Home Behind

It was another sweltering mid-western summer when I came back home to Capra, Oklahoma. Outside the windows of the rumbling Greyhound Bus, undulating golden wheat fields passed by. Dust devils danced across the tops of the wheat without their Pecos Bill’s to rein them in, disappearing into to the wind as quickly as they had come. I sat skimming my favorite Jack London book and sipping a Coke out of a large sweaty Styrofoam cup. Capra was an insignificant town by all normal standards, nestled north of Watonga in Blaine County behind a lot of cows, wheat, gypsum and broken asphalt. To me, it was the center of the universe, the only permanent home I ever had. It was where my Grandmother, Popeye, the antique store, all waited for me. It was where I had left my magic typewriter five years before.

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She leans against the counter, and buffs her nails.

“I guess it would be bad, but I don’t care.”

We speak of Marx and my persuasion fails

to illustrate not just how we would fare

in such a world, should it become our lot,

but that a human being should take a stand.

“I guess like it would be like bad.” Her thoughts

like made my brain like melt. So understand

why I resigned! –Her passive passions burned

with all the flame of Easy Bake. It’s she

who’s doomed us – not the quake of coup de tat,

or wicked plots, or brightly burning trees.


It’s those whose furies run lukewarm

and gladly live their lives chloroformed.

Stop Writing Female Protagonists.

Your strong female protagonist does well for herself. Her life, neatly folded into drawers, doled out to the correct plastic wells of a pill-a-day container. She likes her coffee black (or with cream and sugar, or a latte for that matter, because screw men’s standards), and she has sass (or punches to the face) to spare for anyone who gets in her way or on her nerves. Continue reading

Negative Space

There it is again. I’m sitting down on my old leaf-print couch, long since faded from it’s original golden sheen into a puffy, faded Estevez. My computer is open on my lap, and Dr. Who is blaring from the Television while my girlfriend encircles my arm with hers, and lays her head down on my shoulder.

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Focus (or Lack Thereof)

Yesterday, I wrote another 500 words on my novel. The way I did it, however, is probably not the best way I could have gone about it. At about 5:30 AM, I decided that perhaps it was time to throw in the towel and go to sleep. I realize you never know when or where inspiration will hit, but this is ridiculous!

I seem to have a hard time stopping once I get rolling on a project or idea. It was about 1 in the morning, a decent hour for me, when I decided to start mass uploading videos to youtube using the new “scheduled uploads” option they have included. It lets you upload a video and have it released on a specific day and time. I like it, but I have found in the passing days that it has not worked perfectly, and sometimes doesn’t show up in subscription boxes. There are still some bugs to iron out, so I’ll be uploading traditionally most of the time, from now on. Continue reading

I Never Liked Poetry

I’ve never really liked poetry very much. This isn’t to say it’s not a worthwhile artistic pursuit, nor that it is dumb in some way. I just think to myself, when is the last time I sat down and said, “Man! I have GOT to read me some poems.”

The answer is a resounding “never.”

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Retro Collecting, and The Mystery of the Pixel

As many of you may know, I’m a retro gamer. I’m a collector of old games and game systems, despite the fact that I could easily emulate most of the games I try to obtain, or play them in some Ps3 or virtual console port. Still, I like to have the originals whenever possible, even if I can’t always play them in their original formats. Some of the games are actually easier to play in their ported versions in fact, because of the advent of save stating, rescuing me from having to start Sonic 2 over every time I want to shut down the console and walk away. Sometimes you just don’t have 4 hours to sit down and finish Sonic.

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Mental Vomit Judo

It’s Friday, and I thought this would be the perfect time to start up a weekly link roundup, as well as a possible small post attached. I was reading a post on a new blog I discovered called “Quill Takes Flight,” which reminded me of an old post I made on my blogger account back when I still used it. It’s a post I’m very proud of, mostly because of the excellent pun I created with it. That, of course, after the jump.

Here’s the links:

Publishing and publishing,” an inspiring post by my good friend Josh about the importance of big P publishing for writers, but also about the dangers of making it one’s main focus.

Perfect: Good’s Nemesis,” a great post on the previously mentioned “Quill Takes Flight” about the looming (and exciting) 2012 NaNoWriMo competition, and getting one’s proverbial butt moving on a project.

Out of gas or where do ideas come from?” A quick and excellent read about where ideas come from (duh), and the importance of character.

Finally, a post by the incomparable Taylor Mali, one of my favorite poets, with a very moving and quick poem from Tuesday.

Onto the post after the jump.

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