CSI is the Worst

This is from my previous blog – but it’s something I want preserved. Every once in a while, I’ll post things from my old blog just because I felt they were good insights, and fit in to this new place here. Also, I think this is a good segue into more posts about writing and issues of character, since most of what I have here has been related to gaming so far. Enjoy!

It’s all Ponies and Unicorns till Rick Castle Shows Up

I have never liked the CSI shows. It’s not the style of show, mind you –I love a good mystery as much, and probably more, than the next guy. Murder mysteries get my mind going, and I’m always kept interested. Hell, even the suite of CSI shows are at least mildly interesting to me, because they DO always have a pretty good plot.

The problem is, all the characters in the CSI shows are usually stiff as boards and have the personality of a pet rock. None of them are memorable to me, save David Caruso who has his idiotic one liners. Even so, I hate his guts. He is a terrible actor and his character is poorly written. The main problem I have with these shows is that the characters seem to have zero chemistry with each other. The plots are exciting, but a group of stiff jawed Police types standing around a room doing science doesn’t do it for me.
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Bad Dudes

This is the plot of that game that is unrelated to this post

Bad Dudes. No – I’m not talking about the ill fated Arcade game from 1988. I’m talking about antiheroes. The bad boys of our favorite fandoms.

Whether it’s Indiana Jones robbing graves, Han Solo shooting first, or in literature, a bunch of guys not caring so much about things (so ANGSTY!), we love the bad dudes. It’s a fact that the best stuff (video games, movies, books) have complex and interesting characters. However, there is a trend in pop-culture in past years towards characters with little to no redeeming qualities. Continue reading