State of the Game Address: Superman

My fellow gamers… this is as far as I will take the joke of the title.

Superman has had a bad run of luck in the games industry lately. Really, you could say he’s had a rather bad life. Superman is one of the most iconic comic book characters every, and is in every type of media, including movies, clothing, lunch-boxes, and pajamas with footies on them. But one market he’s never seemed to be able to get a good foothold in is games.

There's no joke for this image, the game just sucks

Ever since his debut title on the Atari 2600, up until the last title he had all to himself – Superman Returns for the PS2 and XBOX consoles – Superman has never really had a good game. In fact, the Big Blue Boyscout probably holds the title for having the “Worst Video Game Ever,” Superman 64.

Now, I’m not saying Superman has never had a decent game. Plenty of his titles have received mixed-to-positive reviews. But that’s just it – they have always been forgettable. Batman (the Emo-Kid of super-dudes), probably has the best video game of his contemporaries to date, the spectacular “Arkham Asylum.” The granddaddy of all superheroes should have something equally as good, right? But why hasn’t he? Continue reading