Mental Vomit Judo

It’s Friday, and I thought this would be the perfect time to start up a weekly link roundup, as well as a possible small post attached. I was reading a post on a new blog I discovered called “Quill Takes Flight,” which reminded me of an old post I made on my blogger account back when I still used it. It’s a post I’m very proud of, mostly because of the excellent pun I created with it. That, of course, after the jump.

Here’s the links:

Publishing and publishing,” an inspiring post by my good friend Josh about the importance of big P publishing for writers, but also about the dangers of making it one’s main focus.

Perfect: Good’s Nemesis,” a great post on the previously mentioned “Quill Takes Flight” about the looming (and exciting) 2012 NaNoWriMo competition, and getting one’s proverbial butt moving on a project.

Out of gas or where do ideas come from?” A quick and excellent read about where ideas come from (duh), and the importance of character.

Finally, a post by the incomparable Taylor Mali, one of my favorite poets, with a very moving and quick poem from Tuesday.

Onto the post after the jump.

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