Creep E. Cheese and the Rebirth of the Arcade

Remember when we used to beg our parents for a quarter (or more likely, a roll of them) to go play at the arcade while they shopped at dumb ol’ JC Penney’s? Those were the days, weren’t they?

However, the sad fact today is that Arcades are a rarity in the USA, and sometimes sit eerily empty, smelling of dust, rather than pizza and diet coke that got spilled on the floor by that clumsy kid.

Stiff competition from the home console market in the nineties soundly defeated most of the Video Arcades in America, with ports of many of the same games, and the promise to parents of never having to shell out those quarters again Рif only they knew it would create a lifelong habit and drain on money either way.  As an added bonus, there were exclusive titles, and no creepy animatronic rodents to sing you songs. It would seem that the day of the Arcade has come and gone with the slap bracelets and pogs, relegated to the role of a daycare center for hyperactive children at the mall.

Not pictured: Sushi crane game

Or has it? Not if Japan has anything to say about it. Continue reading