Life is Smelly

ID-1005419The world smells different than it used to.

At least, I think it does. Continue reading


The Unfinisher- Tales of a Chronic Game Leaver

You didn't know how much, SEGA.

I have a problem. I don’t finish games.

It’s not that I don’t want to. No, believe me – I wish I could finish every game in my library. Part of the reason I keep all my old game systems and games is because I think “maybe I’ll go back and beat ‘Jurassic Park’ for the SEGA Genesis.” The problem, right now, is time. Continue reading

The Best Day Ever: The Day I Became a Gamer

My 8th Birthday was one of the best days of my life. Not to say that my life has been lackluster since, but April 15th, 1996 sticks in my mind as one of the best days EVER.

Rocket to Awesometown

I was a typical 8 year old boy. I was in the Third Grade, and it was Gym Class. Our gym teacher was, incidentally, father to the 5th grader that every boy from the 3rd Grade and up had a crush on, even if we didn’t know it yet. Still, Gym class wasn’t really my favorite. We got to play cool games sometimes, but I preferred the wide open spaces of the concrete and grass playground. The soccer field, that weird wooden thing that somebody probably died on, and the big grassy field that I had most of my childhood adventures on were where my mind was, cooped up and sitting in shorts on the cold floor of the gym. That is to say, the jungle gym was my favorite gym. Continue reading