Works in Progress

Works in Progress.

Jonah and the Typewriter, a Novel


In a small, forgotten corner of rural Oklahoma, a boy named Jonah has a typewriter. No ordinary typewriter, this device allows him to make all his dreams into reality. But after five years away, Jonah comes home to find he has been replaced. His grandmother has adopted a young boy named Henry, and Jonah’s only safe haven feels alien and unfamiliar.

The two boys struggle for control of the typewriter, and accidentally fling themselves into a world they can’t control, inhabited by talking coyotes who tell stories as easily as lies, an army with a dark secret, and dragons who skirt the edges of reality beyond the mesas. Helped by a kindly storyteller and an outcast, Jonah and Henry trek through this new world in search of their typewriter.

Pursued by the power hungry Barons, Jonah hopes that the typewriter will finally send them back home, and put things the way they used to be. Only one question sticks in the back of Jonah’s mind like a thorn– what if there isn’t a home to go back to?


Kyle Finnegan is not a Vampire, A Comic Book

A fantasy/paranormal buddy-cop not-vampire action comedy, with a tablespoon of Lethal Weapon, a cup of the X-Files, a dash of Hellboy, and a twist of lemon.


Detective Quixote, a Cartoon

A Private Detective and his inner child solve mysteries and beat up bad-guys alongside their cyborg/quantum physicist buddy.


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