Bus Ride.

IMG_0938I rode the bus today.


Mostly because it hurts to walk in these shoes.


I couldn’t bring my bullwhip.


Which might have come in handy against this bronze pelican.


So I fed him some berries instead.



4 thoughts on “Bus Ride.

  1. I really loved this. It makes me want to do something similar.
    It also reminded me somewhat of this mind-mapping thing we used to do at school where you’d take the pieces of information you need to know and then construct a narrative that surrounds them to help you remember them. It must have worked because, years later, I can still remember parts of the narratives!

    • Haha, thanks! It was odd because I had no intention of doing this. I just took a bunch of pictures while I was riding the bus and when I got to the bus stop that day to test out my new camera, and then I got the idea to do this. I didn’t take enough photos, though, so the ending was a little abrupt I think. You should try it!

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