Hot Fuzz: Not a Venereal Disease

It's about to go off.

That was the first thing I said when I tried to convince this girl I liked in High School to watch Edgar Wright’s Buddy-Cop masterpiece.

It’s hard to get a girl to go out with you if you ask her to watch something like “Hot Fuzz,” because it does in fact sound like an infection in the nether regions. Although it wasn’t the best choice for a romantic night, I got to see the movie I wanted to see, and the girl wasn’t right for me anyway, so it all worked out in the end.

Hot Fuzz has become one of my favorite movies of all time, and is probably my favorite buddy-cop movie ever. I grew up a cop-film connoisseur, being that my father is a cop. By the time I was fifteen, I had seen all the classics. Dirty Harry, Die Hard, Lethal Weapon – you name it, I had seen it. When I reached College, we were (and are still) having a major drought in the action-cop-comedy genre. There just wasn’t a lot coming out that was good anymore. Owing to its origins across the pond, and it’s smallish budget, I wasn’t even aware of it till it came out on DVD. However, when I saw the preview online, I knew that it was for me. I thought perhaps it was the movie I had been waiting for.

How right I was.

Many people who haven’t seen the movie, or aren’t as familiar with the cop-genre as they should be usually see Hot Fuzz as a parody of the buddy-cop film genre. Let’s get a little something straight here. Parodies are films like Scary Movie and it’s much less funny spiritual descendants like Date Movie and The 41-Year-Old Virgin who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and felt Superbad about it (yes that’s a real title). A parody, like the ones mentioned before, is like a series of witty (or otherwise) pop-culture references that lasts for two-and-a-half hours.

This is not one of those films.

Hot Fuzz is more like a love letter, or an homage to the cop-film genre. The references are placed with love and care, and are more than just a string of overwritten pop-culture references. Even then, the movie transcends its label of homage. The film stands on its own as a great blend of british humo(u)r, engrossing mystery, and action-packed excitement.

The thing that struck me most about Hot Fuzz was it’s lack of a romantic lead. Sgt. Nicholas Angel, supercop forced into a tiny village police station, has no love interest other than his work for the first part of the film. However, the movie quickly turns into an unlikely bromance between Sgt. Angel and P.C. Butterman, the son of the Police Inspector. The two are played by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost respectively, and they play their roles immaculately. This was the movie that made me into a fan of Simon Pegg. The film defies the notion that a movie needs a female love interest, and instead makes it about dudes watching movies and shooting the hell out of everything.

Now, it is unlikely that you haven’t seen or heard about Hot Fuzz yet – but if you are one of those few people who haven’t, reading my very late review of it, then go rent it right this minute. Seriously. I’m waiting.

Do you have it yet? Good. Now put it in the DVD player.

It’s about to go off.


6 thoughts on “Hot Fuzz: Not a Venereal Disease

  1. Hot Fuzz is great, largely because Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are not just funny guys, they can also actually act.

    Have you seen Shaun of the Dead and Paul? They were also made by the team of Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost and do for zombie films and E.T. respectively what Hot Fuzz did for the cop film genre.

    There is also a new Edgar Wright film called Attack the Block in which aliens attack a British housing estate and find that they have bitten off more than they can chew, because the rather unsavoury inhabitants (think London riots) fight back with all they’ve got. Nick Frost is in it, but no Simon Pegg as far as I know. But the trailer looks great.

  2. I heard about attack of the block, and I’m pretty sure Pegg isn’t in it. It looks pretty good though, and on topic with what’s going on across the pond. I have seen both Shaun of the Dead and Paul, and I liked both, although I loved Shaun of the Dead, and found Paul to be… less than I wanted. That being said, That said, Paul wan’t Edgar Wright, but Frost and Pegg co-wrote it.

  3. Hot Fuzz is likewise one of my favorite movies! I felt like the odd man out when Simon Pegg would come up in discussions and I’d say, “Oh! I loved Hot Fuzz . . . Shaun of the Dead? Oh, that was good, too.” I’ve seen SotD once and HF several times. I don’t yet own it, but that’s apt to change in the near future.

    I should caveat this with that I love Simon Pegg in general after (a) Run Fatboy Run and (b) his intro to a Walking Dead graphic novel. Even if HF didn’t stand on its own (sosoverypleasing merits), which it does, these things would have made a fan of me.

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