Pocketwatch: A Retale.

First, so people don’t think I’m an idiot, let me explain the above pun. “Retale” is a pun on “retail,” the industry in which I used to work. So yep. That’s the joke. Heehee.

Secondly, this is a cartoon. Sometimes I doodle and when I don’t feel like writing a post, I put up cartoons. Enjoy. (this was a quick scribble, so excuse the simplicity)

I recently got a pocket-watch I ordered in the mail. It’s a watch from the show “Fullmetal Alchemist,” because I’m a nerd. I ordered the watch months ago, but it was being made by tiny children in China, so it took longer.

For some reason I’ve always equated pocket-watches with manhood – with starting new adventures. I got it late, but it was right around the time I quit my job at Wal-Mart. Getting it then seemed appropriate. I was leaving an old place behind and starting a new adventure, a new journey.

I probably should have left the store before striking my adventure pose, though.



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